Ghost VFX

Bringing Creative Visions To Life

Award-winning special effects artists Ghost VFX has a project list that will make your jaw drop. From blockbuster movies like Star Wars, Black Panther, and Mission Impossible 4, to the best that television has to offer such as The Mandalorian, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and The Walking Dead, Ghost VFX is a powerhouse in the industry and working on their website and brand was an honor.

Founded over 20 years ago, Ghost VFX is a very grounded and established company and so the typical process of developing brand guidelines was focused on refining its presentation to the world. Working with Ghost VFX founder, Jeppe Christensen was like a breath of fresh air; he knows what he wants and gives excellent feedback - the latter, as any designer will tell you, is the gold standard when it comes to any client. 

Brand Identity

Web design & Development