LA Crawl

Helping To Bridge The Region

Created with the Tri-City Alliance, a business organization founded by Straw to Gold President Benjamin Ariff and his friend and colleague, Woody, the LA Crawl was a grand scale activation, to celebrate the opening of the expo line in Los Angeles. This line connects Santa Monica, Culver City and Los Angeles without the need to jump into the car.

The Tri-City Alliance is a collaborative effort driven by local small businesses and individuals situated along the LA Metro Expo Line, spanning from downtown LA through Culver City to Santa Monica. With a shared vision, supporters of the Tri-City Alliance believe that the Expo Line has the potential to transcend its role as a mere commuter train. Instead, they envision it as a catalyst for fostering economic growth and cultural enrichment throughout the Tri-Cities Region. To mark the opening of this new transportation line and celebrate the enhanced connectivity it brings to the city, we organized an all-day event called the LA Crawl which involved more than 100 bars and restaurants. In order to streamline the event, we developed a comprehensive and user-friendly system that automated various processes. This included an integrated platform that allowed participants to easily register, sign liability waivers, and access a customized itinerary. By utilizing this desktop and mobile interface, users could pay the required day fee and have their schedule tailored, ensuring a seamless experience as they visited different establishments across the Tri-City area.






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