Cascadia Cured

No Shortcuts

The ancient practice of curing food started as a simple method to preserve it but it has evolved a lot over time. Cascadia Cured’s mission is not merely to satisfy hunger but to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the culinary arts and the traditions that have shaped them.

Straw to Gold was proud to offer comprehensive support to Cascadia Cured, encompassing design, website development, copywriting, and business strategy. One aspect of the project that particularly stood out was the concept, planning, and asset creation, with a specific focus on the company's membership and subscription model. During the process, we dedicated careful consideration to curating a diverse range of products that would be available under the membership, ensuring a delightful and curated experience for customers. We worked closely with Cascadia Cured to map out a strategic approach for integrating other specialty Oregon-based products that would complement their selection of cured meats and other delectable offerings.



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