Captain America, Graffiti Wars

In the Spring of 2018, the streets of Los Angeles became the battleground for an extraordinary project. Witness the awe-inspiring collaboration as ten talented graffiti artists use the artwork and characters from Marvel's Captain America: Civil War to transform the urban landscape into a stunning canvas of technicolor brilliance.

The goal of this project was to transport the grandeur and cinematic essence of Captain America: Civil War from the big screen to the streets themselves. Collaborating with Zealot Networks and Facebook, a visionary idea took shape - a monumental battle-scene mural that would come alive in larger-than-life proportions. To capture the awe-inspiring creation process, we meticulously documented the entire endeavor in a captivating time-lapse video, allowing viewers to witness the gradual transformation of a blank canvas into a colossal masterpiece that evokes the thrilling spirit of the film.

Film Production

Color Grading

Music Scoring / Licensing