Late Shift

Far From What They Seem

The 2016 short film, featuring the iconic Jeannette O’Connor, was skillfully directed by John W. Carr, with David Weldon Jr as Director of Photography, . and expertly produced by Benjamin Ariff, the president of Straw to Gold.

In the 2016 film "Late Shift," a young woman in dire straits turns to the classified ads in a local newspaper in search of employment. However, her pursuit leads her to a peculiar establishment known as the vintage relic museum, where she encounters an unsettling curator. As the night progresses, she finds herself trapped inside the museum and soon realizes that the neon-lit shop holds dark secrets and horrors beyond her imagination. Written and directed by John W. Carr, who has since worked on features like Top Gun: Maverick and Terminator: Dark Fate, this captivating short film draws inspiration from the horror genre of the 1980s, resulting in a unique and immersive experience. With a runtime of just under 12 minutes, the film expertly captures the essence of that era while offering its own distinct narrative and visual style. We were fortunate to collaborate with the renowned Director of Photography, David C. Weldon Jr., whose extensive background in sports television and commercial cinematography brought a wealth of expertise to the project. With a career spanning regional sports programming for prestigious leagues like the NHL, NFL, NCAA, and MLB, David seamlessly transitioned into the realm of cinematography, capturing the essence of renowned brands such as Rolls Royce, Pepsi, Nike, and Hallmark in his visually stunning commercials. David has used his artistic prowess in recent years in the world of music videos, collaborating with top artists like DJ Khalid, Post Malone, Ava Max, Sting, Shaggy, Imagine Dragons, Ciara, SZA, and Bebe Rexha. With David's exceptional eye for detail and knack for capturing captivating visuals, he played an instrumental role in bringing the vision of Late Shift to life.



Lisa – Elizabeth Schmidt

Trudy – Jeanette O’Connor

Alice – Lindy Ariff

Black Cat – Dixie Lane


Writer and Director - Jon Carr

Producer - Benjamin Ariff

Co-Producer - Anthony Gelinas

Director of Photography - David C. Weldon Jr.

Camera Operators – Damon Mosley & Cooper James

1st AC – Matt Eidenbock

2nd AC – Megan Pham

Gaffer – Larry Pinto

Grip – Lucas Wyatt

Electric – Rapha Bola

Location Supervisor – Anthony Gelinas

Location Audio – Will Miller

Hair and Makeup – Maria Pulas

Script Supervisor – Annie Carr

Production Design and BTS – Danyell Ellis

2nd UNIT

Camera Operator – Justin Hamilton

1st AC – Anthony Gelinas


Editor and VFX – Jon Carr

BTS – Alex Ivany

Digital Intermediate Supervisor – Tims Johnson

Digital Intermediate Colorist – Narbeh Tatoussian

Digital Intermediate Editor – Justin Williams

Music Composer and Audio Mix – Lars Deutsch

We couldn't have pulled this off without the support of Valley Relics, Blacklist Digital, and Revolution Cinema Rentals.